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Analog Hardware Design

Our knowledge designing a variety of products utilizing complex analog circuits has given us the know-how to develop an approach that controls all outcomes and possible variables. Beginning with comprehensive requirements documentation, our top-down approach to design produces a top-notch design and a highly successful project. Some clients ask us to also product a feasibility study to help reduce or eliminate risks that we identify early on in the development cycle.

Once we have the requirements and a completed and agreed-upon feasibility study, our engineers get to work on a high level system design and architecture. Following this, we begin working on circuit design, simulation, modeling and prototyping. Once this has been completed, Ocean Manufacturing begins a complete test plan and uses that to ensure our design meets your requirements. If requested, we can follow this up by combining your new analog circuit design with a completed product.

  • Power supplies
  • Sensitive low noise circuits
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Measurement products
  • Sensor interfaces
  • Driver amplifiers
  • Optical interfaces
  • High-voltage circuits
  • Phase lock loops
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